Press Gazette: Google and Facebook destroying journalism

By Dominic Ponsford    | Press Gazette Imagine if two news publishers dominated digital media in the way that Facebook and Google do.

The Government would not allow such a duopoly to stand. Campaigners would call for them to be broken up in the name of media plurality.

Yet by 2020 Google and Facebook are expected to take 71 per cent of all the money spent in the UK on digital advertising, according to a report by analysts OC&C.

The effect of this can already be seen and is devastating for both the news industry and for society in general.

News publishers are reaching more people than ever before both directly, via their websites, and indirectly, via social media. But they are getting an ever shrinking slice of the advertising pie. This has a direct impact on the number of journalists they are able to employ.

That’s why Press Gazette is today launching its Duopoly campaign which aims to stop Facebook and Google destroying any more of the UK journalism industry.

There is no simple solution, but broadly we are seeking a fairer deal between news publishers and the digital giants – one which fairly rewards the creators of the content on which these platforms rely.

We want Google and Facebook to become more responsible digital citizens, acting in a way that allows diverse digital news sources rather than gorging themselves on all the available digital advertising in a way which will lead smaller players to starve.

Click here for more information from Press Gazette


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