British Feminist is Fundraising for a Vagina Museum

By Heat Street Staff | A feminist YouTube star has launched a crowd-funding effort to open a museum dedicated specifically to vaginas.

“I realized there’s no place dedicated to the female anatomy,” said Florence Schechter in a video announcing the campaign. “I was pretty upset about this, but then I realized that there was just one way to rectify this, and that was to make my own vagina museum.”

Schechter admitted that opening a new museum is an expensive undertaking. Money fundraised will cover research and development, legal experts, administrative fees– and, of course, travel cash for her “to go visit experts and specialists.”

Schechter said she also envisioned hosting feminist comedy nights, plays, workshops, classes, film screenings and speeches to see what women might expect out of a vagina museum.

“Please only send money if you can afford it,” she said, suggesting her broke viewers could share her promotional video instead of donating.

This article originally published in The Heat Street and full article can be reach
British Feminist is Fundraising for a Vagina Museum

See also –> Main news source of this report comes from The Indepedent News Paper’s Life Style  VAGINAS DESERVE THEIR OWN MUSEUM

British Femenist Florence Schechter

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