Milo News | The main diocese of Christianity in Egypt has announced it will be canceling Easter celebrations this year to mourn the more than 40 Christians killed in Islamic terror attacks last Sunday.

According to ITV, the Minya Coptic Orthodox Diocese stated it will limit the Easter activities to prayers “without any festive manifestations.”

This comes after twin bombings at two Palm Sunday celebrations in Egypt.

According to The Atlantic, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks hours after they occurred.

This, of course, was not a surprise.

Breitbart reports that Christians in Minya have been living in “constant fear of attacks” from the region’s extreme Muslim population.

It’s reportedly gotten so bad that some Christian villagers in the are do not erect permanent crosses, instead worshipping in front of crosses painted before the walls.

Breitbart further states that 28 people have been arrested in connection with the planning and financing of the Palm Sunday attacks.

Authorities have reportedly identified the suicide bombers as Egyptians who traveled to Syria and returned to Egypt, somehow getting past border controls that should have stopped them.

According to Egyptian Streets, one of the bombers had actually been arrested previously for having ties to ISIS.

USA Today states that Egypt’s parliament approved a three-month state of emergency imposed by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

el-Sisi has reportedly also commissioned a group called the “Supreme Council to Combat Terrorism and Fanaticism.”

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Featured Image via VOA News/AP/Samer Abdallah

This report was originally published on Milo News


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