Now. On My way to N. Korea will be arrive Tuesday

21 South News Staff | 2325 19 April 2017 
Now USS Carl Vinson (Carrier Strike Group 1) heading to Korea peninsula finally.  USS Carl Vinson Strike group will be 30 days extended deployment in Korea Peninsula,  Rear Admiral Jim Kilby, chief of CSG 1 made the  public on the USS Carl Vinson’s Facebook page

The Carl Vinson, accompanied by a carrier air wing, two guided-missile destroyers and a cruiser, was reported to have been ordered to sail north after leaving Singapore on April 8. But a week later, the Navy published photos showing it was actually sailing in the opposite direction through the Sunda Strait between the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java, more than 3,000 miles southwest of the Korean Peninsula — and more than 500 miles southeast of Singapore, The Washington Times reported .

United States’ Carl Vinson Strike Group is expected to arrive at South Korea’s eastern waters on April 25, in time for the communist regime’s army foundation anniversary, said Seoul officials Monday, Korea Herald reported. 

A days after US launch air strike on Syria, Carl Vinson get order from Pentagon ”
Leave Singapore Naval Base and toward Korea Peninsula, but Carl Vinson took
wrong direction and heading to India Ocean and now Carl Vinson is on its way to the Pyongyang door step.

Carl Vinson to arrive next Tuesday Photo Credit : USS Carl Vinson Facebook Page



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