BCR will sue the university in federal court, Coulter come and speak on 27 anyway.

By Somerset Nelson | 21 South News | 2127 21 April 2017

Student group will sue UC Berkeley official in federal court after college ban on right-wing star Ann Coulter speech. Berkeley College Republicans and Bridge USA were invited
conservative speaker Ann Coulter next week.  

BCR has hired First Amendment lawyer Harmeet Dhillon to represent the organization in a potential lawsuit. If campus administrators do not permit BCR to host Coulter on April 27, as initially intended, BCR will “seek relief in federal court,” Daily Cal reported.

On Wensday, College announced that canceling Coulter April 27 show come after political protests turn violent.  Today, UC Berkely change their mind again come after faces mount criticism for canceled Ann Coulter speech and they saying found safe place and rescheduled on May 2.

But Ann Coulter and BCR rejected, school re-arrangement. Coulter also tweeted  that May 2 is conflict with reading period for school Spring semester exam.

Amid tension student and school, she coming to Berkeley on April 27 and speak anyway.


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