Turkey warplane bombs U.S. Back Kurd fighter at least 20 Killed

By 21 South News Team | 2234 25 April 2017

Turkish airstrikes in Syria and Iraq Killed at least 20 U.S. led coalition Kurdish Y.P.G. (Popular Protection Units). Early Tuesday, Turkish Jet hits YPG head quarters in Nothern

U.S. backs Y.PG. fighting against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Turkish government said this military actions on PKK were try to stop the PKK from smuggling weapons into Turkey, Y.P.G. has been long time collaboration with PKK, PKK is terrorist organisaton by Turkey.  However, the attack also killed five Kurdish Peshmerga, armed Kurdish group in Iraq friendly with Turkey.

U.S. official said that they were deeply concerned over Turkey bombing Y.P.G base in Syria and Iraq. Iraq government also condemn the  attacks ” Turkey invade their territory. “ 


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