The Circle – Tom Hanks Worst Movie Ever

Saturday Night movie fan Kylee Sheehan said that “The Circle” is the the worst Tom Hanks movie ever.” “It confusing, science fiction or tech drama.”

After watching Academy award winner Tom Hanks’s latest movie “The Circle” Kylee told  21 South News.

I am big fan of Tom Hank. I like him in Forrest Gump, Philadelphia, The Terminal, I watch all his movie, but this one is the worst his movie ever.” She Said.

STX’s release of EuropaCorp’s The Circle is a total square at the B.O. (in regards to costs vs. ticket sales), and further evidence that stars mean nothing when they’re attached to driftwood. Currently, the pic is looking to open below its low teen estimates with $9.1M in third over three-days and gets –gulp- a D+ CinemaScore. the Deadline reviewed.

Carol Morgan tweeted, The Circle honestly one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. @tomhanks may be worst than Joe vs Volcano.

Tom Hanks, six times Academy award nomination, won Forrest Gump and Philadelphia by category in best actor. In 2015, he acting brilliant in spy drama A Bridge of Spy but critics gave low grade to The Circle and lowest box office.  Tom Hanks co starring with
Emma Watson  and directed by James Ponsoldt.


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