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Brigitte Bardot urges French voters not to support Macron

French actress Brigitte Bardot has urged voters not to vote for Emmanuel Macron claiming there is a ‘total lack of empathy reflected in the coldness of his steel eyes.’

Bardot, 82, one of the best-known sex symbols of the 1950s and 1960s, came out in support of far-right candidate Marine Le Pen at the beginning of the year.

The animal rights activist, who describes herself as ‘very patriotic’, has made a string of controversial comments about Islam in recent years.

In 2008, she was convicted for the fifth time for inciting racial hatred after complaining on her website that Muslims were ‘destroying our country by imposing their ways’.

Bardot, described by Time magazine as ‘France’s most ogled export’, criticised centrist Macron in a tweet to her 31,000 followers.

She wrote: ‘If Macron wins, animals die! The plans Mr Macron has for animals is mortifying, scandalous, desperate and without any improvement in any field.

‘The contempt he gives to animal suffering can be seen in the total lack of empathy reflected in the coldness of his steel eyes.


This report was written by Thomas Barrow for Mail Online. 


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