The Jefferson Davis monument in New Orleans is on its way out

Under heavy police presence, crews began to take down the statue of former Confederate President Jefferson Davis in New Orleans early Thursday morning.

It’s the second Confederate monument to be removed after the New Orleans city council voted to remove four such landmarks back in 2015. After years of heated public debate and legal battles, recent court decisions paved the way for the city to relocate the four monuments.

Live Updates The New Orleans Advocate 

Early Thursday, pro-monument supporters held vigil at the Davis statue and hoisted Confederate flags.
People who want to see the monuments removed also gathered at the site and cheered at the sight of heavy trucks and a crane moving into place. They chanted, “Take ’em down” and “White supremacy’s got to go.”
The opposing sides screamed insults and threats at one another as police separated them using barriers.
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By Madison Park

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