Amy Schumer Now Faces Backlash from the Left

Liberals target their own when it suits them, as new movie ‘Snatched’ is called racist and xenophobic.

The problem with political correctness is that no one is above it. It’s a destructive force that cares not for political affiliation, good deeds, context, intentions, or anything else — its only job is to criticize and find fault.

Not even leftists who constantly feed the beast can escape its wrath. Take a look at comedian and actress Amy Schumer. She says all the “right things” a celebrity liberal is supposed to say. She even openly admitted to cutting a gun scene from her new film, “Snatched,” in order to help promote gun control.


The movie follows a mother (Goldie Hawn) and daughter (Schumer) who are on vacation together as they run into trouble: They’re kidnapped and have to escape together.

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But with her film now exposed to audiences and critics, Schumer is facing backlash from her own side, the same side her comedy and political rants are supporting.

The New York Times has claimed “Snatched” is racist and said it is populated by “dark-skinned thugs with funny accents” who are killed off just for “laughs.”

The headline in the Village Voice was even harsher: “‘Snatched’ Is Perfect for Mother’s Day if Mom Hates and Fears Other Countries.” Ouch.

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