So Racy? So Cannibalism? Now you can eat Katy Perry.

p21 South News Staff 

32 year old pop star Katy Perry release the MTV of her latest album Bon Appetit face controversial. In her new clips, Katy Perry, supporter of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton,  portray herself as sexual liberation that went too far and end up with cannibalism.

In her western kitchen version of Japanese nyotaimori, Katy Perry’s whole body has been main dish in different culinay style, including flour rub and broiled.

Katy Perry’s latest single “Bon Appétit” hasn’t really done much chart-wise, but there’s no way there wasn’t going to be a video. The Dent De Cuir-directed video dropped today and it basically visualizes the song’s concept. Our heroine, dressed in a nude-colored swimsuit, spends a majority of the video being prepared like she’s food. She’s even lathered up in flour at one point, and being the “purpose pop” star she is, gets her braids chopped off. Migos eventually show up in a club in high fashion gear.  The whole thing is as uncomfortable to watch as the single—just like the Perry’s Twitter promo promised. Watch the absurdity unfold below.

Katy Perry’s “Bon Appétit” Video Is Weird as Hell (SPIN)

Not a top on chart yet, not stunning voice and music, but her fan says that MTV of her latest album Bon Appetite went too far

Katy Perry’s New Cooking-Themed Video Is Extremely Upsetting

Does Katy Perry supports Cannibalism – Uproxx



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