Woke up from Manchester Terror Attacks, Security increases FA Cup

By Somerset Nelson | 21 South News 

London Metropolitan has confirmed it will increased more armed security officer for this weekend FA Cup final in Wembley  Stadium  following Manchester arena terrorist attack. 

According to the various reporting from U.K. base media, Operation Hercules – which sees the deployment of a range of mobile and static overt armed officers – will be stepped up to protect the Capital. This is designed to make London as hostile an environment as possible for any would-be attacker. That means the locations, types of tactics and the numbers of officers deployed at once will continually change to be most effective and avoid predictability.

A bombing at an Florid born Ariana Grande concert on Monday evening killed 22 children and adults and left hundred injured, by Manchester born Libyan ethnic 22 year old man Salman Abedid with the so-called Islamic State claiming responsibility.


Manchester Arena, which 21,000 seats is the second highest- grossing venue in the U.K. one of the Europe largest and the fourth highest- grossing in the world. The venue at the heart of an explosion outside an Ariana Grande concert.




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