Egypt: Gunmen attack Coptic Christians, killing at least 26 and 30 injuries on Bus

CAIRO – Gunmen opened fire on a bus filled with Coptic Christians in south of Cairo, killing at least 24 people and wounding at least 10 others, Egypt’s state news agency reported on Friday.

The bus, which was carrying Coptic Christians, was heading to Anba Samuel monastery near the southern city of Minya.

The bus came under attack on Friday while travelling on the road to the St. Samuel Monastery in the Minya province, about 220km south of the capital, Cairo, health officials said, Al Jazeera.

Authorities have rushed to the scene of the attack.

There have been a number of attacks on Copts in recent months claimed by Islamic State (IS) militants.

Two suicide bombings targeting churches in Tanta and Alexandria on 9 April left at least 46 people dead.

Source – Daily Pakistan


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