Gunshots at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris

Paris police say they are responding near Notre Dame Cathedral, urge passersby to stay away.

Gunshots have been reported outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris as ‘crowds scattered’.

Police confirmed there is currently an incident ongoing.

Paris Police have warned the public to avoid the area.

They tweeted: “Square in front of #NotreDame Intervention being the number of police, avoid the area.”

A French journalist claimed police shot a man armed with a hammer, but this is unconfirmed.

Another French Journalist, David Rahul Métreau, said: “All what I can say is that a vehicle resembling an armored truck is in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral.”

Witness Mark Johnson posted on Twitter: “Loud bangs just now at Notre Dame. Crowd scattered. Sirens going off.”

Another witness said: “We’re trapped in Notre-Dame de Paris, something is happening outside. Police sirens can be heard. They are not letting anyone in or out. 



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