Sadiq Khan is a Part of Terrorism, his donor and family link to extremist group

Somerset Nelson | 21 South News
Aftermath of March 22 Westminster attacks, London mayor Sadiq Khan said that “Terrorism is a part and parcel  of major city.” Londoners strongly criticized and  respond to his view on terrorism.  Ellis MC Goner, student at London School of Economics, says “If Terrorism is a part of Big City, Khan is a part of terrorism because he is in charge of big city.”

According to Daily Mail, Farouq Sheik, a British Muslim millionaire and donor of  Sadiq Khan mayoral campaign, financed hate cleric who said that every Muslim should be a terrorist.

Dr Zakir Naik is an Indian cleric who has been banned from entering Britain since 2010 for saying ‘every Muslim should be a terrorist’ received £150,000 from Mr. Sheik.

Supporters: Care home tycoon Farouq Sheikh, left, and Sadiq Khan at the Asian Business Awards in London in March Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Farouq Sheikh, 59, donated £15,000 towards Mr Khan’s campaign last year and is said to be friends with the newly elected London Mayor. The pair were photographed together at the Asian Business Awards in London in March.

Sadiq Khan’s family links to extremist organisation, Sadiq Khan’s former brother-in-law to one of the UK’s most notorious extremist organisations are revealed today.

Top London lawyer Makbool Javaid was married to the Labour Party candidate’s sister Farhat Khan until 2011.

Mr Javaid’s name appeared on a fatwa in 1998 calling for a “full-scale war of jihad” against Britain and the US.

Makbool Javaid speaking out against non-muslim “kufr” at a rally in Trafalgar Square in 1997

Mr Khan attended a conference alongside his then brother-in-law in 2004 but today said that he has had no contact with Mr Javaid for at least 10 years and that he has always condemned extremism.

Al-Muhajiroun — founded in the Eighties by Bakri and another well-known radical London preacher, who cannot be named for legal reasons — became notorious after praising the 9/11 atrocity, the 7/7 bombings and other al Qaeda acts of terror, Standard UK reported. 

Source close to Sadiq Khan’s family says that Sadiq Khan’ Muslim donor in Britain are well connected with Pakistan and India base Islamic extremist group.


London Mayor shared platforms on nine occasions with radical Islamic Tooting, London, Imam Suliman Gani who supports the Islamic State and the non-existence of Israel. Now if you got it wrong for the first time by accidentally sharing a platform with a Islamic extremist individual then you thought you would learn from this, but to continue to share the same platform with, Imam Suliman Gani  on nine separate occasions is concerning and questionable.



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