Whales are Under Golden Gate Bridge

Humpback whales were spotted hanging out underneath and near the Golden Gate Bridge over the weekend. 

San Francisco resident Mila Zinkova caught them on video twice: first on Friday, then again on Sunday. Around this time of year, the computer programmer likes to go out on the Golden Gate or to Lands End and look for whales.

CAN THIS BE REAL? Humpback photographed breaching in front of Golden Gate Bridge

On Friday, Zinkova said there were lots of tourists gathered on the Golden Gate Bridge, watching the water in awe, exclaiming “Whales! Whales!” every time one would pop out of the water.

A quick scan of social media seems to confirm her story. Twitter was filled with video clips and reports of whale sightings. Tyler Jocson Wong tweeted Sunday, “If you’re in the area, WHALES ARE UNDER GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE. I REPEAT WHALES UNDER GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE.”

Whales hanging out near Golden Gate Bridge Photo – NBC Bay Area

Through all his excitement, Wong managed to take some spectacular pictures, which he shared with SFGATE (see gallery above).

In the video Zinkova captured Sunday (below), at least three whales can be seen in the shadow of the iconic bridge, surrounded by people kiteboarding and windsurfing.

Humpbacks have been spotted on several occasions over the past few weeks as the marine mammals make their way up the California coast as part of their summer migration.

“It is rare to see the whales so close to the bay,” Kathryn Nazar, a spokesperson for San Fracisco Whale Tours told SFGATE after tourists on board the company’s whale watching boat witnessed an adult humpback breach right in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. “We have seen it the last couple years [but] more in the summer months.”


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This spring was also an amazing whale watching season in Monterey Bay. Killer whales in the area went on an unprecedented feeding spree, killing seven gray whale calves in just 12 days. Humpbacks also got in on the action, charging into the fray and trying to protect the gray whale calves from the predators.

This report was originally published on SF GATE and Click HERE for video, update and more. 


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