Tropical Storm Cindy get Stronger, Warning Area Grows, Expect to Reach Coast in 12 hrs

(CNN) As Tropical Storm Cindy is heading toward the Gulf Coast states, millions of people are bracing for heavy rain and potential flash flooding.

At least 17 million people are under a tropical storm warning from San Luis Pass, Texas, to the Alabama-Florida border, said CNN meteorologist Michael Guy.
Between Wednesday and Thursday morning, the storm could bring up to 12 inches of rain to some areas between Texas and Louisiana.


Cindy is just the second tropical storm to form in the Atlantic since the hurricane season officially began on June 1. The center of the storm is projected to make landfall sometime Thursday morning.

Torrential rain

Heavy rain and some flash flooding have been reported along the Gulf Coast and southeastern region since Tuesday but more is on the way.
From East Texas to southern Mississippi, Cindy is expected to drop 3-6 inches of rain and some isolated areas could see up to 12 inches of rain, the National Weather Service said.
The storm will make landfall along the coast between Texas and Louisiana by Thursday morning.
The most torrential rain would likely be to the east of the center of the storm, because these areas will see a prolonged period of onshore flow, Guy said.
As the storm comes ashore, the coast could also face strong winds of up to 50 mph.


Tropical Storm Cindy | LIVE UPDATE BY Weather Channel

Tropical Storm Cindy bringing flooding rain to Gulf Coast


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