Scarlet Johansson Second Poorly Rated Movie in 2017

Some people enjoyed showtime of Scarlet Johansson’s ‘Rough Night’ but most criticize about Rough Night has been female version of Hangover. This black comedy not good as theatrical trailer.  

Tim Weekley, Suwanee

Rating: 1.5 out of 4 Stars

Pass: Mildly amusing scenes and dialogue at times.

Fail: The movie is awash is sex and drugs (but no rock ‘n roll, which might have improved things); poor filming; poor acting; forced humor that makes you cringe.

• Standout performance

Nobody. It’s hard to believe that an accomplished actress like Scarlett Johansson would want something like “Rough Night” on her resume. She does an OK job as Jess, an aspiring politician who gets together with old college chums for a bachelorette weekend in Miami filled with hard drinking and drugs and then goes horribly off the rails in many (other) ways. The rest of the cast was not worth writing home about.

• Who will like this?

Those who remember way back to 1989’s far superior “Weekend at Bernie’s” might find “Rough Night” amusing, since it also involves an accidental death and subsequent comic attempts at covering it up. Maybe folks who liked other cerebral classics like last year’s “Bad Grandpa” would go for this flick. Otherwise, I can’t name a soul I know who would count “Rough Night” as a good use of their time or money.

• See it now or wait?

Neither. Watching “Rough Night” will want to make you go home and take a shower afterwards, then rinse and repeat.

• Overall impression

This was one abysmal movie, one of the worst so far this year. It tries to mix humor and drama, but ends up being a muddled mess. Viewing “Rough Night” is as much fun as sitting on a toilet seat lined with barbed wire. Stay away from this dog and its fleas.

Lauren Barger, Loganville

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

Pass: This film entertained me more than I expected and did make me laugh out loud at a few crazy antics. It wasn’t overly long at one hour, 41 minutes, so that worked in its favor.

Fail: Go ahead and suspend reality because most of the scenarios in this film were absurdly unrealistic. Also, once again, it seems that crassness and attempting to be shockingly offensive were the main goals, like so many recent comedies.

• Standout performance

Scarlett Johanssson was the bacholerette that the film centered around, and she is a great actress. I am not really a fan, but thought she gave a convincing performance in her role. Her portrayal of a political candidate and the awful ads where awkwardness abounds was spot on. The other cast members were great additions, but none really stood out or stole the show.

• Who will like this?

Fans of modern comedy films will enjoy this one. It was the female version of The Hangover meets Weekend at Bernie’s. It wasn’t really anything new or unexpected. Hollywood thinks drinking, drugs and sex are hilarious and doesn’t really try to do much with any other subjects, starting with the flashback college scenes through the bachelorette club scenes. It is adult humor and earns its R rating.

• See it now or wait?

There really is no reason to rush to the theater to see this one. I think you can wait for the Blu-ray release and be just fine.

• Overall impression
“Rough Night” was entertaining and delivered more laughs than I expected. In that regard, it was a winner. Overall, it’s not a comedy that will make it into my collection of really great funny films. I don’t regret going to see it or wish I could have my money back though. Also, stick around until the credits for an extra funny snippet of Kate McKinnon. We were the only ones who stuck around to see it, but left the theater laughing.

Paul Tate, Sugar Hill

Rating: 3 out of 4 Stars

Pass: Rough Night is a wild comedy that manages to have a big heart in the end. In a way, I feel like the trailers kind of mislead you here. Yes, it’s raunchy, yes, it’s filthy, but it manages to create interesting characters with connections and stories that you remember even after the film has ended. The soundtrack features several throwback rap and R&B songs which help comment on the action.

Fail: In a cast of great comediennes, it’s a surprise that Kate McKinnon turns in one of the weaker performances. I have loved her on Saturday Night Live and in other recent feature films. Here, however, her character is very one-note, with an inconsistent accent, and many jokes just don’t land. Still, she hits a few out of the park, so it is not a performance without some things to enjoy.


• Standout performance

Scarlett Johansson does a great job as Jess, the straight man (woman) in Rough Night. She is entirely convincing as a bride-to-be who reluctantly goes on a bridesmaid’s weekend to Miami. Jillian Bell, with one of the larger performances in her feature film career, is hilarious as Alice. Watch for Ty Burrell and Demi Moore in two scenes as the horny couple living next door.

• Who will like this?

If you enjoyed Bridesmaids, you will probably like Rough Night. Fans of SNL will also get a kick out of this movie. It definitely earns its R-rating, with much profanity, drug usage, and even a couple violent scenes, so probably not a good choice for young teens.

• See it now or wait?

Seeing this with a full movie house would be a blast. My matinee showing had fewer than a dozen folks in attendance, however, so don’t wait too long to see it. While I found it enjoyable, it is probably not going to be the comedy of the summer that lingers in the theaters until August.

• Overall impression

While the plot may sound a little predictable, there are plenty of twists and turns along the way. Stick around for the full credits, as there is an extra scene at the end which features McKinnon singing an original song at the keyboard. Rough Night is not a comedy for everybody. It is definitely off-color, as the trailers imply, but if that is all you go in expecting, I think you will be surprised how heart-warming it becomes by the end.

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